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File type: osh file extension
Category: Miscellaneous file type
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Recommended:: Download osh File Extension Fixer
Security level: The latest osh file extension is being reviewed by It is highly recommended to have a FREE security scan on this file extension.


osh is a file extension associated with Windows Miscellaneous file type category. Invalid associations of osh file may bring you various file extension errors. If you have trouble with opening osh files or encounter any associated errors, you can scan the system to identify and fix osh file extension association errors with osh file extension fixer.

Can not open osh file extension? You may encounter such problems that you are unable to open email attachments with file extensions like osh. You're unable to handle the files of File Extension downloaded from the Internet. You failed to view the graphic files of osh File Extension. You can't to play movies, video or other multimedia files of this File Extension. We call these problems as “file extension problems”. You can learn tips about how to open unknown file extensions and how to fix the file extension errors from Moreover, we provide you with additional knowledge of the Windows file extensions. osh file extension is one of the normal Windows file extensions. You are not the only one who receive osh file extension error message like other Windows users.

Further Reading: File Extension Related Problems

If you are unable to open a file ofosh file type, your computer might haven't been installed with the appropriate application or your computer system may have file extension related errors. It is highly recommended to run this free performance scan for any related osh file extension errors.

You may occasionally have received the osh file extension error messages:

  • You can't open the unknown Email attachments of oshfile extension sent by your friends
  • You can't open the archive and compressed files of osh file extension, like ZIP, RAR and 7z
  • You can't play the audio and music files of osh file extensio
  • You can't open document files of osh file extension
  • You can't handle the files of osh file extension downloaded from the Internet
  • You can't view the graphic files of osh file extension
  • You can't play movies, video or other moshimedia files of osh file extension
  • Other than osh file extension, you can't open the unknown files that always pop up on your screen

Question: file extension errors causes, why I Can't Open this file extension?

  • The file is broken.
  • Related registry entries of the file is invalid.
  • Related registry entries of this file was deleted accidentally.
  • The application to open the file is not installed.
  • The application to open the file was incompletely installed.
  • The file was infected by virus or spyware.
  • Insufficient computer recourse to open this file.
  • Outdated drivers for the application to open the file.

How to Fix osh file extension errors and open this file extension automatically

Follow the below steps to fix osh file extension errors and other related problems.

  1. Step1: Download Windows osh Error Fix Tool, double-click on the icon and install it in your computer
  2. Step2: Click the "Scan" button to scan for Windows errors that exist in your computer.
  3. Step3: Click the "Fix" button to fix the errors found.

Related File Extension Knowledge

What is file extension

A file extension is a suffix with a dot at the end of the filename to indicate what kind of computer files (or exactly Windows files) it is. You may have come across the situations that the Email attachments your friend sent can not open and you have no idea what application you need to open such kind of files. Also, even the application to open a particular file has been installed on your computer, the association to the file could be broken due to invalid Registry entries or infected by virus and malware. Before you take few minutes following the instructions below to resolve this file extension problem, you can download osh file fixer to instantly open your osh file.

How to use Windows Registry

What is Windows Registry: The Windows Registry is a place where the configuration settings and options on Microsoft Windows operating systems are stored. It is the very core of Windows operation system that determines how the software, diver, hardware or other system components work in your computer.

How to get access Windows Registry: you can use the Registry Editor to access and configure registry, it is a free tool that provided by Microsoft that comes with every version of Windows. More specifically, you can use Registry Editor to view and make changes to the registry keys/values to control specific function of Windows system.

How to delete Registry Keys:

  • Click on Start, type regedit in the search box then click enter to open Registry Editor. (For Windows XP user, click Start-Run-type in regedit and hit OK button)
  • Navigate the registry key branches by using the > icon (+ icon for Windows XP), locate the subkey you want to delete on the left side of the registry editor, or the value in the right side.
  • Select the target subkey or value, click Edit in the registry editor menu, and select Delete.
  • Then you'll receive prompt asking for you confirmation, click yes button to confirm the removal.
    For deleting subkey you'll received this message: "Are you sure you want to permanently delete this key and all of its subkeys?" For deleting values, you'll received this message: "Deleting certain registry values could cause system instability. Are you sure you want to permanently delete this value?"
  • Close Registry Editor and restart your computer to let the changes take effect.
    (Note: editing registry can be very dangerous, single mistaken operation that would lead to unexpected system malfunction, do not attempt it imprudently unless you have enough expertise.)

How to backup and restore Registry Keys:

In case any problem happen during the modification of Windows registry and you need to undo the change or restore the setting, a backup can save you a lot of troubles. So if you decided to delete or modify the registry keys/values, it is suggested to backup them first.

  • Click on Start, type regedit in the search box then click enter to open Registry Editor.
    (For Windows XP user, click Start-Run-type in regedit and hit OK button)
  • Navigate the registry key branches by using the > icon (+ icon for Windows XP), locate the subkey (left side) that contains the value (right side) you want to backup, highlight it.
  • Click File in the Registry Editor menu, click Export. Please make sure you have had the subkey selected.
  • Select a location to save the file in the prompt window.
  • Rename the file in the file name section if needed, the click Save button.

After you click the save button, a file with REG file extension will be created and stored in the location you selected. To restore it is easy, simple double clicking the REG file, it will be instantly merged into the Windows registry, and you'll find the setting or modification are back to the way it was.

Video Guide: How to Edit and Backup Windows Registry

External References

Win Show file extensions
Understanding MS Windows File Associations

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